Hi there! My name is Jenn Harris, and welcome to the online home of Lucid Pulp Editing & Writing Services.

I'm committed to working collaboratively with you to create flowing, powerful text that will engage your readers and clients. I can create drafts or read over yours, and I will ensure that spelling, grammar and punctuation are all correct in order to succinctly articulate your message.


I excel at delivering concise yet eloquent content, and my portfolio covers a diverse range of projects and clients. Bring me your preliminary ideas, abstracts, full drafts or anything in between and I will help you effectively communicate your project objectives to your intended audience.

I do:

  • Basic proofreading and copy editing -- checking spelling, grammar and punctuation of manuscripts, articles, essays or other documents
  • Comprehensive editing, including giving structural and stylistic recommendations
  • Website content writing, editing and updating
  • Magazine editing
  • Thesis or textbook editing
  • Business document creation or proofreading
  • Editing of zines, pamphlets, brochures, posters, postcards and other media
  • Promotional content writing for posters, advertisements, product descriptions and announcements
  • Editing of novels, anthologies and poetry
  • Grant writing
  • Press-release writing
  • Indexing
  • Style guide creation

I’ve teamed up with magazine and newspaper editors, professors, students, independent companies and clients, corporate firms, poets and novelists – and I’d love to work with you, too!



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